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Get better at line art

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

This is a short tutorial on how to improve your line art when using a graphic tablet.

The idea is simple - practice drawing line art over established artworks ( only for the purpose of practice and always while giving credit to the rightful owner)


In this example I used and image of the character Kawabara from the anime "Yu Yu Hakushu!"

basic outline of the proccess

a. I found an image that I liked and loaded it into Krita.

b. I lowered the opacity of the image's layer (to get rid of those squares, add another layer beneath the image and fill it with a white color.

c. On a new layer I drew the lines over the the transparent image.

d. coloring - this step was optional because this is a line art practice, I sampled the main colors from the original image and colored my version of the line art.


here is a time lapse of the process, taken from my YouTube channel


And finally - here are some of the keyboard shortcuts I used in this exercise:

* Auto-select layers - hold R + left click on the part of the image that you want to pick

* Rotate canvas - hold both Shift and space key + drag with left click

* pan - hold space key + drag with left click

* isolate active layer - hold shift + click on the eye icon next to the layer you want to isolate

* change brush size - by using the [ ] keys

* use color picker while using the brush - hold CTRL key and left click on the color that you want to pick


Had fun reading this post? let me know in the comments! also feel free to ask questions and share your work with me <3


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